It is my privilege to enclose herewith Part One of The Master
Key System. Would you bring into your life more power? Get the
power consciousness. More health? Get the health consciousness.
More happiness? Get the happiness consciousness. Live the
spirit of these things until they become yours by right. It will
then become impossible to keep them from you. The things of the
world are fluid to a power within man by which he rules them.

You need not acquire this power. You already have it. But you
want to understand it; you want to use it; you want to control
it; you want to impregnate yourself with it, so that you can go
forward and carry the world before you.

Day by day as you go on and on, as you gain momentum, as your
inspiration deepens, as your plans crystallize, as you gain
understanding, you will come to realize that this world is no
dead pile of stones and timber, but that it is a living thing!
It is made up of the beating hearts of humanity. It is a thing
of life and beauty.

It is evident that it requires understanding to work with
material of this description, but those who come into this
understanding, are inspired by a new light, a new force, they
gain confidence and greater power each day, they realize their
hopes and their dreams come true, life has a deeper, fuller,
clearer meaning than before.

And, now, Part One.


1. That much gathers more is true on every plane of existence
and that loss leads to greater loss is equally true.

2. Mind is creative, and conditions, environment and all
experiences in life are the result of our habitual or
predominant mental attitude.

3. The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think.
Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all
possession depends upon our method of thinking.

4. This is true because we must "be" before we can "do," and we
can "do" only to the extent which we "are," and what we "are"
depends upon what we "think."

5. We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only
way by which we may secure possession of power is to become
conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power
until we learn that all power is from within.

6. There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling
and power; of light and life and beauty and, although
invisible, its forces are mighty.

7. The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this
world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause
for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our
control, all laws of power and possession are also within our

8. The world without is a reflection of the world within. What
appears without is what has been found within. In the world
within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite
Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment,
development and expression. If we recognize these
potentialities in the world within they will take form in the
world without.

9. Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world
without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the
best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a
necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all
attainment, all achievement and all success.

10. Harmony in the world within means the ability to control
our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience
is to affect us.

11. Harmony in the world within results in optimism and
affluence; affluence within results in affluence without.

12. The world without reflects the circumstances and the
conditions of the consciousness within.

13. If we find wisdom in the world within, we shall have the
understanding to discern the marvelous possibilities that are
latent in this world within, and we shall be given the power to
make these possibilities manifest in the world without.

14. As we become conscious of the wisdom in the world within,
we mentally take possession of this wisdom, and by taking
mental possession we come into actual possession of the power and
wisdom necessary to bring into manifestation the essentials
necessary for our most complete and harmonious development.

15. The world within is the practical world in which the men
and women of power generate courage, hope, enthusiasm,
confidence, trust and faith, by which they are given the fine
intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make
the vision real.

16. Life is an unfoldment, not accretion. What comes to us in
the world without is what we already possess in the world

17. All possession is based on consciousness. All gain is the
result of an accumulative consciousness. All loss is the result
of a scattering consciousness.

18. Mental efficiency is contingent upon harmony; discord means
confusion; therefore, he who would acquire power must be in
harmony with Natural Law.

19. We are related to the world without by the objective mind.
The brain is the organ of this mind and the cerebro-spinal
system of nerves puts us in conscious communication with every
part of the body. This system of nerves responds to every
sensation of light, heat, odor, sound and taste.

20. When this mind thinks correctly, when it understands the
truth, when the thoughts sent through the cerebro-spinal
nervous system to the body are constructive, these sensations
are pleasant, harmonious.

21. The result is that we build strength, vitality and all
constructive forces into our body, but it is through this same
objective mind that all distress, sickness, lack, limitation
and every form of discord and inharmony is admitted to our
lives. It is therefore through the objective mind, by wrong thinking,
that we are related to all destructive forces.

22. We are related to the world within by the subconscious
mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind; the
sympathetic system of nerves presides over all subjective
sensations, such as joy, fear, love, emotion, respiration,
imagination and all other subconscious phenomena. It is through the
subconscious that we are connected with the Universal Mind and
brought into relation with the Infinite constructive forces
of the Universe.

23. It is the coordination of these two centers of our being,
and the understanding of their functions, which is the great
secret of life. With this knowledge we can bring the objective
and subjective minds into conscious cooperation and thus
coordinate the finite and the infinite. Our future is entirely
within our own control. It is not at the mercy of any
capricious or uncertain external power.

24. All agree that there is but one Principle or Consciousness
pervading the entire Universe, occupying all space, and being
essentially the same in kind at every point of its presence. It
is all powerful, all wisdom and always present. All thoughts
and things are within Itself. It is all in all.

25. There is but one consciousness in the universe able to
think; and when it thinks, its thoughts become objective things
to it. As this Consciousness is omnipresent, it must be present
within every individual; each individual must be a manifestation
of that Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Consciousness.

26. As there is only one Consciousness in the Universe that is
able to think it necessarily follows that your consciousness is
identical with the Universal Consciousness, or, in other words,
all mind is one mind. There is no dodging this conclusion.

27. The consciousness that focuses in your brain cells is the
same consciousness which focuses in the brain cells of every
other individual. Each individual is but the individualization
of the Universal, the Cosmic Mind.

28. The Universal Mind is static or potential energy; it simply
is; it can manifest only through the individual, and the
individual can manifest only through the Universal. They are

29. The ability of the individual to think is his ability to
act on the Universal and bring it into manifestation. Human
consciousness consists only in the ability of man to think.
Mind in itself is believed to be a subtle form of static
energy, from which arises the activities called 'thought', which is
the dynamic phase of mind. Mind is static energy, thought is
dynamic energy - the two phases of the same thing. Thought is
therefore the vibratory force formed by converting static mind into
dynamic mind.

30. As the sum of all attributes are contained in the Universal
Mind, which is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, these
attributes must be present at all times in their potential form
in every individual. Therefore, when the individual thinks, the
thought is compelled by its nature to embody itself in an
objectivity or condition which will correspond with its origin.

31. Every thought therefore is a cause and every condition an
effect; for this reason it is absolutely essential that you
control your thoughts so as to bring forth only desirable

32. All power is from within, and is absolutely under your
control; it comes through exact knowledge and by the voluntary
exercises of exact principles.

33. It should be plain that when you acquire a thorough
understanding of this law, and are able to control your thought
processes, you can apply it to any condition; in other words,
you will have come into conscious cooperation with Omnipotent
law which is the fundamental basis of all things.

34. The Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom
which is in existence; every atom is continually striving to
manifest more life; all are intelligent, and all are seeking to carry
out the purpose for which they were created.

35. A majority of mankind lives in the world without; few have
found the world within, and yet it is the world within that
makes the world without; it is therefore creative and
everything which you find in your world without has been created
by you in the world within.

36. This system will bring you into a realization of power
which will be yours when you understand this relation between
the world without and the world within. The world within is the
cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must
change the cause.

37. You will at once see that this is a radically new and
different idea; most men try to change effects by working with
effects. They fail to see that this is simply changing one form
of distress for another. To remove discord, we must remove the
cause, and this cause can be found only in the world within.

38. All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature.
Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to
this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for
strength or power from without.

39. The world within is the Universal fountain of supply, and
the world without is the outlet to the stream. Our ability to
receive depends upon our recognition of this Universal Fountain,
this Infinite Energy of which each individual is an
outlet, and so is one with every other individual.

40. Recognition is a mental process, mental action is therefore
the interaction of the individual upon the Universal Mind, and
as the Universal Mind is the intelligence which pervades all
space and animates all living things, this mental action and
reaction is the law of causation, but the principle of
causation does not obtain in the individual but in the Universal
Mind. It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process, and the
results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and

41. In order to express life there must be mind; nothing can
exist without mind. Everything which exists is some
manifestation of this one basic substance from which and by
which all things have been created and are continually being

42. We live in a fathomless sea of plastic mind substance. This
substance is ever alive and active. It is sensitive to the
highest degree. It takes form according to the mental demand.
Thought forms the mold or matrix from which the substance

43. Remember that it is in the application alone that the value
consists, and that a practical understanding of this law will
substitute abundance for poverty, wisdom for ignorance, harmony
for discord and freedom for tyranny, and certainly there can be
no greater blessing than these from a material and social

44. Now make the application: Select a room where you can be
alone and undisturbed; sit erect, comfortably, but do not
lounge; let your thoughts roam where they will but be perfectly
still for from fifteen minutes to half an hour; continue this
for three or four days or for a week until you secure full
control of your physical being.

45. Many will find this extremely difficult; others will
conquer with ease, but it is absolutely essential to secure
complete control of the body before you are ready to progress.
Next week you will receive instructions for the next step; in the
meantime you must have mastered this one.
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