21. What system of nerves is the organ of the Conscious Mind?

ANSWER: The Cerebro-spinal.

22. What system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind?

ANSWER: The sympathetic.

23. What is the central point of distribution for energy which
the body is constantly generating?

ANSWER: The solar plexus.

24. How may this distribution be interrupted?

ANSWER: By resistant, critical, discordant thoughts, but especially

25. What is the result of such interruption?

ANSWER: Every ill with which the human race is afflicted.

26. How may this energy be controlled and directed?

ANSWER: By conscious thought.

27. How may fear be completely eliminated?

ANSWER: By an understanding and recognition of the true source
of all power.

28. What determines the experiences with which we meet in life?

ANSWER: Our predominant mental attitude.

29. How may we awake the solar plexus?

ANSWER: Mentally concentrate upon the condition which we desire
to see manifested in our lives.

30. What is the creative principle of the Universe?

ANSWER: The Universal Mind.
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