31. What is thought?

ANSWER: Thought is spiritual energy.

32. How is it carried?

ANSWER: By the law of vibration.

33. How is it given vitality?

ANSWER: By the law of love.

34. How does it take form?

ANSWER: By the law of growth.

35. What is the secret of its creative power?

ANSWER: It is a spiritual activity.

36. How may we develop the faith, courage, and enthusiasm
which will result in accomplishment?

ANSWER: By a recognition of our spiritual nature.

37. What is the secret of Power?

ANSWER: Service.

38. Why is this so?

ANSWER: Because we get what we give.

39. What is the Silence?

ANSWER: A physical stillness.

40. Of what value is it?

ANSWER: It is the first step to self-control, self-mastery.
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